Detect Current and Voltage Readings in Real Time

Non Intrusive AC Three Phase

True RMS Sensor Pod

Industrial Power Supply Monitoring

Our Current/Voltage sensor is designed to stand harsh environments


✽ Accurate: 1/1000 Resolution.
✽ Fast: Real-time monitoring at 120 samples/second.
✽ Very effective: Detects the degradation of power supply units, including micro-surge events.
✽ All-in-one; Three phase monitoring in one pod.
✽ Smart: The sensor is programmable and threshold alarm levels can be created.
✽ Easy to use: Forwards data through an industrial wireless system or serial port.
✽ Easy to install: Non-intrusive approach installs in 5 Minutes.
✽ Reliable: Use top quality parts manufactured in the United States and Europe.


The SCA 105 is a combined voltage and current sensor for use in alternating current three-phase industrial power systems.

Sampling in real time an algorithm calculates voltage and current true average values (RMS) of each phase or leg.

With a 10 bit resolution (more than a thousand levels with 0.25 volt steps) is great help to get data to study power degradation patterns over time and therefore to create predictive maintenance models.


Sensor Network

Its design allows the installation of hundreds of sensors networked to a Gateway (hub) that is connected to a local server or to an on the cloud server.


Physical Variables:
- AC Voltage 3 Ph 100-380 Voltios
- AC Current 3 Ph 10-500 Amp
- AC Frequency 3 Ph
- Power cuts/Micro-surge 3Ph

Power: Databus / 5 Volts
Battery Life: From 3 to 5 years
Reading Data: 120 samples per second
Output: Digital in the desired format
Connectivity: Network Connection
Wireless:ISTM sub GHz or wired Serial
Range:3 kilometers without repeaters
Security: Double Encryption
Dimensions: 100 x 68 x 40 mm
Weight: 2 Kg 4 Lb
Environmental: IP 67, resistant to harsh environments
Enclosure: ABS plastic

Very Sensitive

Fivetimes more sensitivity


High noise immunity

Premium design

Patented technology


Small footprint. Installed anywhere

Real Time

True Real Time. No sampling


Sensor can be updated

Build better Predictive Maintenance Models

This real-time non contact current/voltage smart sensor is a non-intrusive AC Three Phase & True RMS Sensor Pod.

Payload Reduction


Real Time Monitoring




Current/Voltage Sensor Versions

We design and build several versions of this sensor. Please ask if you are not finding the best to match your application
  • 1.


    Differential bus output is immune to noise. Daisy chain easy connection with snap on splash proof connector

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  • 2.


    LoRa, NB-IOT or Bluetooth 5.0 MESH. Make your choice or the best proven wireless connectivity. Other upon demand.

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  • 3.

    High Sensitivity

    Pressure wave special transducer for high senstivity is immune to acceleration. Ideal for Robotics

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